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Justin Magnuson
Justin Magnuson

About Justin Magnuson

Justin Magnuson is a serial entrepreneur, business mogul, and a philanthropist deeply committed to justice reform. His journey is one of resilience, entrepreneurial success, and a relentless pursuit of justice reform, inspired by his personal experiences.

Born and raised in Texas, Justin’s entrepreneurial journey began shortly after he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of North Texas. Driven by the ambition to solve real-world problems through innovation and business acumen, Justin further honed his entrepreneurial skills by obtaining a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University and an Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles.

In 2010, Justin founded a neurodiagnostic testing company, leading the industry with cutting-edge solutions. Within seven years, he grew the business to a staggering $125 million valuation. His company, Stratus Neuro, became the largest provider of in-home video monitored EEG in the United States and was recognized on Inc. 5000s list for Seven consecutive years. Stratus Neuro’s commitment to community health and clinical outcomes set a new benchmark in the healthcare sector. Justin’s entrepreneurial prowess didn’t stop here; he went on to establish another successful venture in the medical field, which continues to flourish today.

In 2018, Justin ventured into the cannabis industry, diversifying his business portfolio. Despite his intentions to operate within the legal framework, Justin found himself entangled in the justice system due to circumstances beyond his control. He was wrongly accused of illegally distributing marijuana in Texas, a state without broad permissive laws for medical marijuana. Despite his innocence, he spent 20 months in jail before being released.

This personal experience with the justice system served as a catalyst, igniting Justin’s commitment to justice reform. He became acutely aware of the injustices within the system, particularly towards minorities and people of color who might lack the resources he was fortunate to have.

Inspired by his ordeal, Justin founded the Justice Reform Foundation (JRF) in 2022. As President, he is dedicated to assisting individuals who have suffered injustices at the hands of the criminal justice system. JRF is committed to educating the public about the unjust aspects of the criminal justice system, advocating for bail reform, pushing for the decriminalization of marijuana offenses, and helping recently released convicts reintegrate back into society.

Under Justin’s leadership, the JRF is devoted to abolishing unfair practices and causing irreversible harm to the accused, regardless of innocence or guilt. The foundation recognizes the importance of listening to and working with individuals well-versed in criminal justice activism and is actively expanding its board of directors, vetting volunteers, and seeking partnerships with organizations focused on criminal justice reform.

In his own words, Justin Magnuson states, “I do not consider myself a victim and I will not live my life as if I am one. But I was undoubtedly victimized by our criminal justice system. I have now dedicated my life to helping others who are not as fortunate as I have been, and if I can prevent even one person from suffering the injustices I endured, or worse, then what I went through will have been worth it.”

Today, Justin Magnuson continues to lead as a CEO at Magnuson Capital and as President of the Justice Reform Foundation. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his deep-rooted commitment to justice reform, continues to inspire and impact lives across the nation.